Raimi’s Evil Dead Remake Update

What does he say about a 30 Days sequel?

I got a chance to catch up with Sam Raimi this afternoon for a little rumor control.

The director tells us there is still zero movement on the proposed Evil Dead remake that was first announced when Ghost House Pictures was formed. As he told me during our last meeting, he’s just too busy focusing on other projects to mull over Ash’s return to the screen. “We still want to do it,” he says. “We still think it’s worth trying and I’ve still not done a single thing about it.”

On the 30 Days of Night tip, Raimi dismisses any recent news headlines concerning a sequel to last year’s vampire frenzy, further confirming what Steve Niles relayed to us last week…no follow-up.

Raimi is currently directing a new horror endeavor entitled Drag Me to Hell.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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