Rumor Rumblings: Haunted Hill Prequel?

Hint: It’s all about Vannacutt

Jeffrey Combs may need to dust off his scrubs and spectacles from House on Haunted Hill and last year’s 2007 direct-to-DVD entry Return to House on Haunted Hill.

Dr. Vannacutt could be back. Not the grumpy, twitching ghost we’ve seen him as in the aforementioned films, but flesh ‘n blood in a prequel centered around his days at the Vannacutt Institute. Word through the grapevine – namely a few sources of our own and a Shock reader named Alex who tipped us off – is that the next chapter will be entitled The Asylum of Dr. Vannacutt and Dark Castle is eyeing to start shooting this fall.

Possible? Yes. Return, and its “navigational” gimmick, did fairly well when it hit DVD last October. Also, Dark Castle is taking the direct-to-DVD market seriously with upcoming titles like Dave Parker’s The Hills Run Red (which is nearing principal photography).

Take it for what it’s worth right now – we’ll be investigating this and if it’s a load of bunk, we’ll let you know. If true, remember where you heard it first!

Source: Alex,


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