Stolberg Talks Sorority Row Remake

Deal signed, shooting this summer

There have been some new developments regarding that House on Sorority Row remake announced last month.

Co-writer Josh Stolberg (Piranha 3-D) writes via his blog that “the deal is done” and the redux is officially going to be produced at Summit Entertainment.

“We’re looking at a quick rewrite to start shooting later this summer for a early 2009 release,” he reports. “It’s crazy that this film will probably come out before Piranha 3-D makes it to theaters in July, considering we wrote ‘Piranha’ about three years ago.”

The scribe also goes on to say that the script he turned in was geared towards an R-rated “roller coaster” ride that doesn’t wallow in the torture porn craze. And while this version takes its cue from Mark Rosman’s ’83 film, it will feature new characters and fresh kills.

Source: Josh Stolberg


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