New Directors, Episodes Announced for Fear Itself

Fessenden confirmed, Dahl added and more… attended NBC’s All American Summer Press Day where Fear Itself was previewed via a panel with some of the cast and crew involved. While there, executive producers Andrew Deane and Keith Addis revealed some new episode details and the talent bringing them to the small screen.

As previously announced exclusively here on Shock, Larry Fessenden is officially on board to helm Drew McWeeney and Scott Swan’s Skin & Bones. In addition to that, John Dahl (pictured, Joy Ride) will helm Chance – a doppelganger tale penned by Lem Dobbs – and Rupert Wainwright (The Fog, Stigmata) is tackling The Spirit Box from scribe Joe Gangemi.

Spirit Box is the story of two suburban high school girls who try to contact a dead classmate via a board game. They soon receive an unexpected message from beyond the grave. The dead girl, thought to be a teen suicide, was actually killed by a teacher with whom she’d been having an affair and now wants their help in avenging her murder.

Also unveiled, the plot for Sean Hood’s Echoes episode: Sam, an affable, good-natured young man, moves into an apartment where he believes he once lived 88 years ago in a past life. But as memories appear to him like ghosts, he realizes that in this previous life he was a sadistic murderer and he must keep that past life from bleeding into his present one.

And it appears Johnathan Schaech and Richard Chizmar, the pair who wrote Eater for Stuart Gordon, are working on a second episode for Fear‘s first season: The Circle, which is based on the short story by Lewis Shiner. In it, a group of people meet every Halloween to tell horror stories and suddenly discover they’re living one.

Read this news item for the full details on the upcoming series premiering on Thursday, June 5th.

More updates from NBC’s press day to come!

Source: Ryan Rotten


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