EXCL: Cottage Helmer Talks The Day


Children…bloody children!

Offspring birthed and abandoned by director Paul Andrew Williams are coming back to haunt him.

A few weeks back we told you about tale by The Cottage helmer, entitled The Day, that is being crafted for the screen by Waz‘s Tom Shankland (details).

“Basically, I wrote a script and it was something of a low-budget – in one area – kind of movie,” Williams tells ShockTillYouDrop.com, calling in from the Tribeca Film Fest where Cottage is screening. “I had just had it in my drawer and a company got a hold of it called Vertigo and they said they liked it. I told them I was going to do The Cottage and they showed me Tom Shankland’s reel. I told them he could do what he wanted – he’s a very good director.”

Rachel Shelley stars in a plot that concerns a nightmarish Christmas vacation and children who turn on their parents. “I don’t want to give too much away because it’s not my film anymore but let’s just say there are children…and blood. Put the two together and you’ve got ‘blood children’!”

With The Cottage arriving in the U.S. on DVD May 13th, Williams is looking to mix things up with his next few projects. “I’ve got a number of films kicking around, a family-oriented movie and a horror franchise we’re developing which I’m not allowed to tell anyone about.”

Source: Ryan Rotten

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