Creator Talks Vibe of Monster Zoo

Picked up by Sam Raimi for the big screen

CBR staffer George Tramountanas spoke with Doug TenNapel, writer-illustrator of Monster Zoo. The forthcoming graphic novel was recently acquired by Sam Raimi for development at Paramount Pictures.

TenNapel dished a few interesting quotes about the tone of the story which turns zoo animals into rampaging creatures thanks to an unearthed idol and the spirit accompanying it.

“I’m a huge fan of 1980s Amblin movies, so I set out to pay proper tribute to Gremlins, The Goonies and Jurassic Park. Monster Zoo is what came out,” TenNapel says. “I just see it as adventure. It is child-friendly in that there isn’t going to be imagery that would scar or jade a kid. It’s supposed to still be scary for all ages, but I don’t have to go into Saw territory to do that if I do my job right.”

Image Comics releases the graphic novel in May, you’ll find some pretty wonky sample pages here. Take a gander at a toothy giraffe you don’t want to mess with!

Source: Comic Book Resources


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