Garris: King’s Bag of Bones Next

Finds replacement for Thirst

Masters of Horror creator, and seasoned director of Stephen King adaptations, Mick Garris (Riding the Bullet, The Stand) is about to embark on a big screen version of King’s ’98 novel Bag of Bones.

In speaking to Fangoria Radio recently, Garris tells magazine editor Tony Timpone that it appears pal Joe Dante will helm Thirst – a remake of the Aussie vamp flick we were the first to tell you about here. Garris originally set out to direct that picture. “Bones,” however, has been on Garris’ to-do pile for some time and will take priority.

King’s novel tells of Mike Noonan, a novelist grieving over the death of his wife who settles into their summer home, becomes embroiled in some nasty drama with a nasty local millionaire and falls privy to a series of hauntings.

Garris is attached as producer on Tobe Hooper’s From a Buick 8.

Source: Fangoria


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