After Dark, Massify Partner to Make Horror Film

Development guided solely by web community

After Dark Films and are joining forces to develop a horror film solely through the web…and they want you to help them doing it.

The fruits of this endeavor, called “Ghosts in the Machine,” will ultimately become an entry in After Dark’s 8 Films to Die For in 2008. Those who become part of the community will have the tools to create, submit, choose the idea and cast the motion picture. One filmmaker will be a producer on the movie, and four actors will have the chance to work on a feature film.

Aspiring filmmakers will have the opportunity to create a range of content along the way, including pitching ideas, auditioning for roles and creating ancillary materials, like a movie poster or song. The initiative will have a series of laddered rounds. The first, the “pitch phase,” will seek out the best new horror ideas, narrowing them down to one, which the script will be based on. This will mark the beginning of the casting round, in which both aspiring and professional actors are invited to upload audition videos to play the four major roles in the feature film. The community will then vote and elect ten male and ten female semifinalists to fly to Los Angeles for screen tests. Once the idea and the cast are chosen, the movie will move into production – all of which will be documented reality-TV style on As the film nears completion, the Massify community will pitch marketing ideas that will be used as keyart during the release of the films well and will have the opportunity to score music to completed scenes.

“The ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ contest will offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring the next generation of horror film to the screen,” After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon says in a press release. “We are confident that in the minds of passionate fans and young filmmakers, the next great horror idea is being dreamt up right now, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to turn one inspired idea into a feature horror film in a way that has never been done before.” will be giving updates all the way through the production and post production process so that fans can watch and be participatory in the film they helped create and grow. Audiences can also log onto to catch updates of the production.

Source: After Dark Films


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