SXSW Fest Welcomes Raw Feed’s Otis

Premiering on Friday, March 7th

Warner Home Video’s disturbed horror black-comedy Otis is premiering at the South by Southwest Film Fest in Austin, Texas. The fourth film in Raw Feed’s direct-to-DVD horror line will screen on opening night, March 7th at midnight.

The release plan for Otis may include a limited theatrical or midnight show run prior to being released in an uncut version on Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD this summer.

“We are thrilled that Otis will be premiering at SXSW,” Jeff Baker, WHV’s Senior VP and General Manager for Theatrical Catalog, says in a press release. “The festival has a long history of making bold choices in their selection process and it’s an honor to be included in that mix.”

Otis is a satire of a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ world colliding with the gore-porn world of a modern-day serial killer. Revenge and justice are sought – and found – in a blackly comedic way. Otis quietly talks about the politics and morality of this American moment,” says director/producer Tony Krantz. “I am delighted that SXSW has chosen us for the midnight show on opening night, signaling the festival’s sense of fun, satirical humor and an embrace of a new film out of the ordinary.”

Produced and directed by Krantz and written by Thomas Schnauz and Erik Jendresen, the film stars Daniel Stern, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Pollak, Jere Burns, Ashley Johnson and Bostin Christopher as “Otis.” John Shiban (Rest Stop, “Supernatural”) and Daniel Myrick (Believers, The Blair Witch Project) are also producers.

Plot details can be found via the title link above.

Source: Warner Home Video


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