Four Enter Last House Remake

No Country actor fills Krug’s shoes

Rogue Pictures’ redo of The Last House on the Left rolls cameras in South Africa next month and Wes Craven’s production outfit, Midnight Pictures, has spilled the first casting news.

No Country for Old Men‘s Garret Dillahunt (pictured) will topline the horror film as the vicious killer known as Krug; he’s filling shoes once worn and abused by David Hess. Dillahunt is joined by Rhys Coiro (Billy Walsh from “Entourage”), Martha MacIsaac (Becca from Superbad) and Riki Lindhome (Pulse). One can presume MacIsaac and Lindhome are playing the two young girls victimized by Krug and his band of misfits.

Dennis Iliadis is directing from a “modernized” script by Adam Alleca. The new film concerns a couple, on vacation at their lakeshore house, who inadvertently gives shelter to the sociopaths who have just assaulted and nearly killed their daughter. After discovering the truth, they exact revenge on the attackers.

Wes Craven, Sean Cunningham and Marianne Maddalena are producing. We have heard the roles of the parents are out to some pretty interesting, recognizable names – let’s see if they bite!

Source: Variety


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