Underworld Threequel Update

Talks of fourth film begin

Lakeshore Entertainment’s big boss man Tom Rosenberg spoke to Collider about a sundry of titles they have in the works (including Crank 2). The update he had to share that piqued our interest concerned Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans, shooting shortly under the eye of FX artist-cum-director Patrick Tatopoulos.

“It’s a theatrical release definitely,” Rosenberg tells the site. “I feel great about that. I think it’s the strongest story that we’ve put together of the three. I think it’s really terrific. I think it leads to a 4th. When we did the 1st ‘Underworld,’ we imagined three – the 1st one, a sequel and then a prequel. The 3rd is a prequel, so the 4th would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after 2, so I think this is going to be terrific really this one.” As for the prequel’s storyline: “This is how they meet and Michael Sheen becomes the leader of the werewolves. This is told from the werewolf’s perspective, not the vampire’s. It’s their story and their battle with Victor.”

After a prequel, we’re curious if audiences will even care to return to Selene and Michael’s story – more importantly, will Beckinsale and Speedman? For the full interview with Lakeshore’s heavy, click here.

Source: Collider


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