Wake Up to Cloverfield’s Odette Yustman

Upcoming creature feature looking hotter than ever

While there are some perfectly fine websites out there focusing solely on Hollywood starlets and their greatest, er, assets, when an opportunity comes along to post a saucy pic ourselves, do we take it? Hell yeah. Today, we’ve added a hot shot of Cloverfield darling Odette Yustman, courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Find the photo in all of its high-res glory here. It’s SFW, by the way, sexy…but, man, this gal isn’t exactly tidy, is she?

Matt Reeves’ monster mash is a big break for the actress. Until now, she’s built up a TV career punctuated by bit parts in feature films playing a “socialite” (Transformers) or “reefer girl” (Walk Hard). Cloverfield opens in theaters next Friday.

Source: Paramount Pictures


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