Lussier Skirts Eye Reshoots Talk


Wants to adapt Michael Slade’s Headhunter

In talking with Moviehole about this week’s DVD release White Noise 2, Patrick Lussier did a deft job dancing around his rumored participation in The Eye.

“I spent a lot of last year working on THE EYE for Lionsgate and Paramount Vantage, working on it primarily as the film editor amongst other things. The film has turned out far better than any of us expected. Jessica Alba does a pitch-perfect job in it. I’m looking forward to it’s release on February 1st.”

Those “other things,” we’ve reported before, include stepping behind the camera for reshoots. Funny how he doesn’t mention that (likely because the studio would send Tim Palen over to flex his guns and squash Lussier flat).

Lussier also mentions a few projects he’s got cookin’ including a zombie film entitled Condition Dead, Michael Slade’s Headhunter and possibly White Noise 3. The latter is the only flick he really goes into detail about. For the full interview, click here.

Source: Moviehole