MPAA Ratings: Prom Night, The Eye


What did you really expect?

The official MPAA ratings are in for the late-winter/spring releases The Eye, starring Jessica Alba, and Screen Gems’ Prom Night. As rumored, the latter – a reportedly blood-free take on the ’80s original – is tagged with a PG-13 “for violence and terror, some sexual material, underage drinking, and language.” Those goddamn kids and their underage drinking…

The Eye is carrying a similar rating. This throws the doors wide open to the teenage girl demographic the film is catering to (the same could be said for “Prom”). Lionsgate’s remake of the Pang Bros film carries “violence/terror and disturbing content”.

God, I’m hoping there’s a press screening for Prom Night or it will be like that time I caught When a Stranger Calls by myself on a Saturday afternoon and was surrounded by cell phone texting teenie boppers.