Horrific Future Certain for Myriad, Studio 407


Production company pacts with comic book team

Myriad Pictures (Mother of Tears) and the Bangkok comic book publishing outfit Studio 407 are uniting to collaborate on properties in both the print and feature film realm.

A first-look deal struck between the two entities allows Myriad to develop movies based on Studio 407’s titles. Currently, 407 has two horror comics in the works slated for an early-’08 release. The first, “Night and Fog” uses the backdrop of a remote island where military experiments take place and turn the locals into monsters. And “Hybrid” follows four students who happen upon a fishing trawler “that holds a mysterious secret.”

The agreement also allows Myriad to turn some of their films into graphic novels or comics. Studio 407 is currently relocating their headquarters from Bangkok to Santa Monica where Myriad operates – a sign that they mean business.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter