What the Hell is Rovdyr About?

The story behind the bloodshed

Good question. We’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the Norwegian survival horror film Rovdyr since it’s teaser trailer skull-raped us months ago. Thanks to the gang at Twitch Film now we know it is set in…

The summer of 1974. Four young friends; Camilla, her boyfriend Roger, Mia and her brother Jørgen have planned a relaxing weekend out in the woods. But now they’re in the middle of nowhere, and during the long ride, the four are beginning to rub each other the wrong way. Stopping at a remote truck stop, the four of them get into an altercation with some locals. As they leave the truck stop, they pick up a hitchhiker who, after only a short ride, demands that they stop the car. She is terrified. Someone is out there. Someone who is out to get them. All of a sudden they’re ambushed and left unconscious. When they wake up, they are deep into the woods. There is no one around, only dark trees. Then the sound of a hunting horn. Someone is out hunting. And they are the prey… Previous disagreements are pushed aside by more immediate concerns. Their new status as prey forces them to make numerous moral choices, essentially how to save one’s own skin. It’s now all about survival, whatever the cost…

For a handful of fresh stills, click here, or, click on the title above for a peek at the trailer. Rovdyr opens in its native country next month.

Source: Twitch Film


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