Halloween Producers Feel the Hurt


Directing vehicle for newbie Finberg

Trancas Intl. Films, Yellowsand Pictures and Left Hook Entertainment have hired American Film Institute offspring Adam Finberg to helm their horror flick Hurt. According to Variety the producing triumvirate picked up the script – penned by Anthony Grieco and Jeff Drongowski – pre-WGA strike.

Sounding vaguely like a set-up for a 1980’s slasher effort, the plot settles on a group of friends who come together “Big Chill”-style in the wake of their pal’s suicide. But a “bloodbath” ensues when it turns out their gathering was a set-up for retribution.

Trancas, namely Malek Akkad (who is co-producing “Hurt” with Justin Hogan and Marc Lazard), recently shepherded Rob Zombie’s Halloween redo. “Hurt” is a first-time production for Finberg and writers Grieco and Drongowski.

Source: Variety