Twisted Pictures Starts a Chain Letter


Teens + Chain Man = Slaughter

Twisted Pictures is moving on what sounds like good ol’ fashioned teen massacre entertainment in Chain Letter.

The plot has “Franchise this, bitches!” written all over it: Teens who fail to pass along a chain letter are targeted by a killer who goes by the name “Chain Man.” Deon Taylor is writing, directing and co-producing alongside “Saw” series top dog Mark Burg, Roxanne Avent and Michael J. Pagan.

Pagan also stars in the film with Nikki Reed (Thirteen), Noah Segan (Brick), Keith David (The Thing, They Live), Betsy Russell (Saw IV), Clifton Powell, Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes remake), Matthew Cohen, Cody Kasch and Cherilyn Wilson.

Russell and David are playing cops on the trail of the Chain Man.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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