Ridley Scott Drawn to Stonehenge Thriller

Signs for Fox 2000’s Stones

Fielding critical acclaim for American Gangster, currently at work on Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio and ready to embark on Nottingham…Ridley Scott’s an f’in freight train these days. Some would rather not see him return to our genre after the grand guignol madness of Hannibal (which this writer is one of the few who are fond of it), but Scott is planning on taking a crack at the supernatural in Stones.

According to Variety, he’ll rev up on the pic for Fox 2000 following work on Nottingham. Written by Matt Cirulnick, the “project is a big-scale supernatural thriller revolving around the mysterious destruction of ancient religious sites around the world. It turns out that Stonehenge is the tie that binds together artifacts that still have primeval powers.”

Cirulnick previously penned New Regency’s Elysium, a drama with Greek mythology overtones. Again, we’re a ways off on this one. The current WGA strike has placed its development on hold.

Source: Variety


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