More Joy Ride Sequels on the Way?

New addition to the cast of part 2 is currently in Vancouver where we’re visiting the soggy set and talking to the resilient, moderately dry cast and crew of Joy Ride: End of the Road.

Buzz on the film is upbeat with all participants eager to see how this follow-up to 2001’s John Dahl thriller turns out. For those behind the camera invested a bit deeper in the project (i.e. its producer and director) word is, “End of the Road” may very well pave the way for a home video franchise. Joy Ride 3 is not being dismissed. Money talks, however, so everyone will have to hold tight and see how “End of the Road” performs when it hits DVD next year.

Also, while on set, we discovered there’s a new player entering the “Road” games. Actor Mark Gibbon has joined the cast. A Canadian native, Gibbon has appeared in The Chronicles of Riddick and has done myriad creature and TV work. For “End of the Road,” he’s sitting behind a big rig as the mad trucker Rusty Nail.

Our full set report and video interviews from Joy Ride: End of the Road will be driving your way in the near future, so buckle up.



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