Guillermo Del Toro’s 3993 Details…


Sanchez talks Civil War companion piece

They’re not technically tied together narratively-speaking, but Guillermo Del Toro’s grim The Devil’s Backbone and adult fairy tale Pan’s Labyrinth are most certainly considered companion pieces. A third film to round out what Del Toro is calling a “trilogy” (beginning with the aforementioned two films), 3993, is in the early stages with The Orphanage‘s Sergio Sánchez writing.

“It’s going to be shot in Spanish language,” Sanchez tells while out on an “Orphanage” press tour. “It’s also a fantasy film with the Spanish Civil War in the background. It’s the two time periods where the movie takes place. It’s starts in 1993 and then there’s something that happened in ’39 that’s relevant to the story.”

“Right now they’re re-opening many graves from the Civil War, many people who disappeared and now enough time has past so they’re re-opening [the graves] and there’s a lot of people who can finally find their ancestors and stuff. So [the story] deals with that and if I tell you any more Guillermo will come and slit my tongue,” he laughs.

Sanchez says a draft has been completed. When Del Toro heads to London to begin post-production on his “Hellboy” sequel later next month, Sanchez will reunite with the director to begin a polish on the script.