Crazy Eights Rounds Out Horrorfest


Frontiere(s) out, Unearthed back in

That’s it, folks. The final – eighth – film in this year’s After Dark Horrorfest has been announced.

Cue drumroll…

The last pic on the slab is Crazy Eights – one of those “the past is back to haunt you”-type thrillers that finds six friends you discover the corpse of a child. Check out this cast: Traci Lords, Frank Whaley (Vacancy), Dina Meyer (of the “Saw” franchise) and Gabrielle Anwar (Body Snatchers). Color me curious.

Other films in this year’s Horrorfest include: The Deaths of Ian Stone, Nightmare Man, Unearthed, Mulberry Street, Borderland, Tooth and Nail and Lake Dead.

Stay tuned for more coverage as we near the start of the fest (that’s November 9th). Click on each title for pics, trailers and more details!

Source: After Dark Horrorfest

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