Who is Writing Near Dark?

Clarification on the Platinum Dunes horror remake

That’s an interesting question because, depending on who you speak to, Matt Venne’s name keeps coming up. Venne penned the upcoming White Noise 2: The Light and the “Masters of Horror” entry “Pelts,” directed by Dario Argento. He did, in fact, write a draft of Platinum Dunes’ forthcoming remake of Near Dark but that draft was abandoned in favor of Michael Ross’ script.

Our source at Dunes now tells us that Disturbia‘s Christopher Landon is on board for rewrites. When we last caught up to Landon, he was talking about a potential remake of Christine – click here for that story.

Near Dark is expected to get rolling pre-strike with Sam Bayer at the helm. Stay tuned for more details!

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com


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