Sewell Toplines Du Welz’s Vinyan

Supernatural horror from Calvaire director

Many months ago, Calvaire‘s talented Fabrice du Welz announced he was moving forward on the supernatural thriller Vinyan, his first English-language project for The Film and the UK’s FilmFour.

At the time, actress Emmanuelle Béart was the only attached talent. It’s time for an update, isn’t it?

Upon searching for some solid info, we’ve learned actor Rufus Sewell (Dark City, The Illusionist) signed on for the film’s ten-week shoot which began in April. He’s playing opposite Béart and together they’re a couple searching for their son in the jungles of Thailand after a tsunami catastrophe. “Vinyan” in Thai means “ghost” or “lost spirit that torments the living,” just to give you an indication of where this is going.

Oliver Blackburn, writer-director of the upcoming thriller Donkey Punch (?!), co-penned Vinyan with Du Welz and David Greig. Calvaire‘s Michael Gentile is producing. Also worth noting: Benoît Debie shot the film, his credits include Calvaire (natch), Dario Argento’s The Card Player, Irreversible and the recent Fox Searchlight release Joshua.

Obviously, by now, Du Welz is well into post-production. We’ll keep our peepers peeled for more updates!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Various


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