Pulse Sequel Details

Character breakdowns for 2 & 3

Character breakdowns for Dimension Films’ upcoming “Pulse” sequels (yes, sequels to the 2006 Kristen Bell-starring thriller) were posted at Moviehole. Filming begins this September on Pulse: Afterlife (a subtitle once proposed for one of the “Resident Evil” sequels) and Pulse: Invasion with Dimension regulars Mike Leahy producing and Joel Soisson writing/directing.

“Pulse : Afterlife” / “Pulse : Invasion”

Producer : Mike Leahy

Director/Writer : Joel Soisson

Starts : September 3rd


Stephen Kramer: 30s, Caucasian male, quite handsome, in that classic “leading man with a history” / stricken kind of way. He is a recently divorced account exec for a large sales firm. He was Michelle’s husband, until he cheated with Marta. He is the man that “let it all get away.” In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries. He finds his child, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive Marta). Lead.

Justine: 8-12, Caucasian female, an old soul with a deeper understanding of the adult world than either of her parents give her credit for. She is incredible at basic survival, a quality that she will use often. She is Stephen’s daughter with Michelle. She has witnessed terrible things living with Michelle after the breakup, where Michelle truly gave into her overbearing depression. When the world is forsaken and her mother becomes a tortured phantom, Justine has to find her father and quick. Lead.

Marta: Late 20s, any ethnicity, fierce is her key characteristic. She has dyed hair with obvious dark roots and a mood to match, wears a purely decorative red “Rachel’s string” signifying a tacky, non-committed devotion to Kabbalah. She is the woman who Stephen left his wife for. She is a hot mess. Marta and Stephen have a rough relationship, due to her terrible temper and foul mouth. She revels in the role, a bit of Clytemnestra, a bit of sexy strumpet. She feels threatened by Steven’s wife and the existence of his child, Justine. During the course of the film, she is overcome by ghosts and becomes a phantom. NUDITY REQUIRED. Strong Supporting Role.

Aunt Carmen: 60s. Michelle’s aunt. Something’s not right about her, as if she suffered a mild stroke, slightly vacant. It turns out that she is a phantom who is quietly terrorizing her husband, Pete. She can’t enter into Pete’s room, but doesn’t know why. Justine comes to her great aunt’s house seeking shelter. Cameo Opportunity! Supporting Role;

Uncle Pete: 60s, male. Caucasian. Unhinged. Michelle’s uncle. He has taped himself inside his room to protect himself from the phantom of his wife. He tries disguising himself in red by smearing his beloved cat’s blood on himself. It doesn’t work however, and as he tries to get the heart medication he desperately needs, he gets devoured by his wife. Supporting Role;

Hutchinson: 40s, any ethnicity, an unattractive, creepy man in U.S. mail jacket. He is a posted guard at the mo untain fortress where Stephen now lives. He isn’t the smartest apple in the barrel, and he couldn’t get a date when the world was safe – now that the planet has gone amok, he has gotten downright desperate. He gets seduced by a diseased Marta and despite the risk of infection, he just has to go for it. Supporting Role.

For Part Two: INVASION

Adam: Late Teens-Early 20s. Any ethnicity, a leading man in the making. Smart, handsome, winning, computer savvy, Adam is the guy every girl wants to date – he is open and affectionate and says all the right things at all the right times. He is a young store clerk with an inviting depth. When the film opens he is dating Salwa, and when Justine finds him on the secret computer, she forms an instant crush and goes into the city to find him. Strong Supporting Role;

Caleb Wilkie: Late 40s-50s, male, any ethnicity. Caleb has a gentle face with a slight paunch. He is our favorite uncle with a hint of danger. Justine finds refuge in his home on her way to the city. He speaks of his beloved wife, but she is nowhere to be seen. Will he be helpful to young Justine? Does he stare a minute too long? Strong Supporting Role.

Salwa Al Hakim: Late Teens-Early 20s. She is a beautiful Arab girl with long raven black hair and a sexy Anglo-Egyptian accent. She is Adam’s girlfriend and incredibly cool – belly dancing skill a plus! She loves her boyfriend and although they are an entire world away from one another, their online relationship is so supported by technology that it’s like she lives right next door. It is heartbreaking when her hometown is invaded by phantoms and she commits suicide. Supporting Role.

Cadaverous Lunatic Schizophrenic: Potential cameo for a fantastic character actor. He wanders the city streets, still human, preaching the word of the new world. The phantoms won’t touch him because he is too crazy, even for them. Character Cameo.

Tim: Early 20s, male, any ethnicity. He is a young store clerk with Adam. And he is a talker. A “kiss and tell” guy in the worst kind of way. Comedic Cameo Opportunity.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Moviehole


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