FEARnet Sees Blood Trails

30 Days of Night spin-off begins this September

As Steve Niles’ original story has done, Sony’s forthcoming 30 Days of Night – directed by Hard Candy‘s David Slade – is spawning a mini-series struck from the film’s unforgiving vampire-infected world.

On-demand horror site FEARnet is partnering with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures to air 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails.

Cut from a miniscule subplot in the original Niles tale and expanded, “Blood Trails,”follows George, a young addict who makes a living seeking covert information for the weary but wise vampire hunter Judith. Ready for change, George plans to score one final job so he can leave town – but finds the road to salvation quickly crumbling when his contacts start turning up dead. Now George must dodge vampires while navigating the harsh underbelly of New Orleans to get his last payday and make it out alive.

Victor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill) will direct, as previously reported, seven 3 – 5 minute episodes based on a script by Ben Ketai. The first chapter airs on FEARnet Thursday, September 13th.

“We’ve seen the digital space grow exponentially in the last few years and FEARnet presents us with another great opportunity to expand our goal in providing original content to the horror community,” says Ghost House’s Rob Tapert in a press release. “’30 Days of Night’ is a huge theatrical release for us and a graphic novel series that has a tremendous fan base. To be able to provide these core fans and horror lovers alike with a chance to get even deeper into this Vampire world through the ‘Blood Trails’ mini-series is truly exciting for us.”

Source: Ryan Rotten


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