Perfect Creature

Available Tuesday, July 17th

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Rating: R


Dougray Scott as Silus

Saffron Burrows as Lilly

Leo Gregory as Edgar

Scott Wills as Jones

Stuart Wilson as Augustus

Craig Hall as Dominic

Robbie Magasiva as Frank

Lauren Jackson as Stephanie Kelly

Peter McCauley as Professor Liepsky

Stephen Ure as Freddy

John Sumner as Howard Anderson

Roi Taimana as Abernathy

Special Features:

The Making of “Perfect Creature”

Designing the “Perfect Creature”


Other Info:

Widescreen (2.35:1)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Running Time: 88 Minutes


The following is from the official DVD description:

“An action-packed battle against man and beast! Half-man, Half-vampire, Pure Evil! ‘Perfect Creature’ is set in a world where humans genetically engineer vampires to be the next step in their evolution. Chaos breaks loose when the delicate balance is destroyed by a virus that turns one species against the other. The only way to restore peace is for the two opposing races to work together to end the chaos.”

“Perfect Creature” is rated R for violence and gore, and for language.


“Perfect Creature” went straight to DVD in the US, but I think it certainly deserved better. At the very least I think it could have possibly obtained cult status if it was widely released. It certainly has a unique take on vampires. In this alternate world, vampires are revered scientists and benefactors rather than supernatural killers. The vampires of “Perfect Creature” form a priest-like upper-class that is unlike any portrayal of vampires I’ve ever see. Humans flock to them like the church. This is all set against a unique backdrop. This alternate world features zeppelins, steam cars, ’50s TV’s, and other mixtures of technology and architecture from various times.

The story itself features one of these benevolent vampires snapping and doing what he does best – suck humans dry of blood. Thus follows a cat and mouse chase between our renegade vampire, the heroic priest vampire, and the human police. As for the performances, Dougray Scott is rather reserved as Silus, but that’s what his character calls for. When the action starts, he does kick things up a notch. On the bright side, Saffron Burrows offers a little more life and a pretty face as Lilly. She also handles herself well in the action scenes.

Overall, I think this film will satisfy vampire fans with a new take on the classic characters. Sci-fi and superhero fans may also enjoy “Perfect Creature” as well.

The bonus features are a bit light on this DVD. There’s your standard “making of” video and another featurette covering the production design on the film.


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