EXCL: Keene Talks From Within


What’s in store for this religious horror flick?

The giant raging skull head and vengeful spirits of The Gravedancers (pictured) are going to sit it out for writer Brad Keene‘s sophomore endeavor From Within. Still, there will be no absence of pure fright value, he assures us. “The core scares will be visceral. Psychological tension and character subtlety aside, it’s an aggressive, intense film, one that will hopefully stay with you after the lights come up.”

Directed by the anomalously named Phedon Papamichael – who carries a rich cinematography background – “Within” has scored an impressive cast and begins shooting in Maryland soon. “I wanted to write something that was scary and high concept and dealt with personal issues, namely religious beliefs and how they play a part in who we are and the way we lead our lives,” Keene tells Shock. With that mandate in place he penned a story that concerns itself with a young gal making significant spiritual decisions. As she does so, inexplicable and sudden deaths begin to crop up in her small town. “We’re keeping the details of the story under wraps for the time being,” he teases, but promises to dish more details when production begins.

“The producers, Adrian Butchart and Chris Gibbin, have been great from day one, and we were lucky to land Phedon Papamichael,” Keene is happy to report. “His body of work as a cinematographer is incredible, and he’s bringing the same attention to detail in his role as director.” And similar to the amiable writer-director collaboration he found on Mike Mendez’s The Gravedancers, he says he’s looking forward to another “rewarding experience. I’ll be heading out to Maryland soon. We have a terrific cast, and it’ll be fun to see everyone in action.”

More on From Within soon!

Source: Ryan Rotten

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