First Look is Feelin’ Isolation

Cover art revealed for DVD release

First Look Entertainment passed along DVD release details and cover art for the brooding Irish creature feature Isolation. Billy O’Brien’s import – a reminder that Mother Nature is bitch you shouldn’t mess with – has been nibbling at the film fest circuit for some time, now it hits the States on June 26th.

Here’s the official synopsis: “On a dark winter’s night, aberrant screams of agony fill the air. Something has gone terribly wrong and five unwilling people find themselves trapped on a remote desolate farm. Over the next 35 hours we slowly learn the shocking truth, the biotech experiment gone nightmarishly wrong, the awful reality of what has been done and the possibility that there is NO ESCAPE.”

No word yet on special features. We’ll update this story if any bonus material is announced.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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