Pearblossom “Electra”-fied

Babysitter twin enters into indie horror flick

One half of those crazy babysitter twins from Grindhouse that have fanboys reaching for a wet cloth is moving on to a new horror film entitled Pearblossom.

According to Variety, Venezuelan actress Electra Avellan’s deal is complete and shooting begins this week.

The Hollywood trade skimped out on the plot details, but Shock did some digging and learned the film, written and directed by Ron Carlson, is about “a beautiful young woman [who has] been selected by the creator of the universe to lead a life of greater purpose. She is instructed to devour evil, and thereby gain eternal life.” Electra could have signed for one of two lead roles: Reaha, the “consumer of evil” or Brooke, her best friend.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety


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