Twisted’s Killer Deal

Online horror series from Saw fathers

Twisted Pictures (the “Saw” trilogy) and Ubiquity Partners are banding with for The Internet Killer. Just one catch, the film isn’t going to bow in theaters, instead it’s going to be sliced up into three-minute increments for the webisode treatment. “We are making this just like any other feature,” said Twisted’s Oren Koules tells Variety. “It will probably be in theaters in some foreign markets. It will be on DVD and TV. The Internet will just be its first U.S. release.”

There are a number of scripts at Twisted that have the potential of being polished into “Killer,” however, nothing is locked down. Nor is there a director. All parties hope to have something rolling by the end of the summer.

Twisted currently has Saw IV and Tortured in development.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety


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