Bob Clark Double-Feature Tribute

Two classics screening in L.A.

It’s that time again. Another month, another new double-feature at the Grindhouse Film Festival in Los Angeles! Although, call this one a “very special” event.

On May 22nd, the New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Blvd.) will present a special tribute to the late Bob Clark with the director’s gloomy wartime zombie parable, Deathdream, and the kooky kids ‘n cadavers romp Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Clark’s first horror film co-penned by Alan Ormsby. Showtime usually begins around 7:30pm – check the New Bev link above for more details.

Clark, director of A Christmas Story and also Black Christmas, and his son were killed early last month when a drunk driver hit them.

Source: Ryan Rotten, New Beverly Cinema, Grindhouse Film Festival


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