Dark Castle Enters The Factory

New thriller from Aussie scribe

David Gambino has been with the Dark Castle Films family for years, working his way up the ladder, so to speak, as producer Susan Levin’s assistant on Ghost Ship and Gothika. With the Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig-starring The Invasion he leapt into an associate producer position. He’s now co-producing Dark Castle’s Whiteout for director Dominic Sena (Swordfish). Starring Kate Beckinsale (Vacancy), the property is based on the popular graphic novel by Greg Rucka.

The film is a step into new waters for the Joel Silver-led production entity; a departure from the William Castle-inspired remakes and an exploration of new material not just exclusive to horror. However, that’s not to say Castle won’t want to spill some blood from time to time. Shock caught up to Gambino recently to learn more about a project in the Castle pipeline entitled The Factory. “It’s a script I picked up about six months ago from a filmmaker in Australia named Morgan O’Neill. He won ‘Project Greenlight’ down there [with his debut feature ‘Solo’],” Gambino reveals. “What [‘Factory’] is is a character-based horror film about a detective in present-day Buffalo whose daughter is kidnapped. There’s been a rash of missing girls in the city and basically this guy has to go to a very dark place to find his daughter. It’s pretty great and I’m expecting it to be our next film down the line this winter.”

We’ll have plenty of Whiteout coverage to blind you with as we near its release.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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