Kudzu Zombies Exclusive Clip Will Tear Your Flesh!


Kudzu Zombies Exclusive Clip Will Tear Your Flesh!

Kudzu Zombies: Mississippi-lensed zombie shocker to screen in LA next weekend

For those of you tired of zombies being either metaphorical ciphers or forgotten backdrops for serialized soap operas, may we present Mississippi’s Kudzu Zombies, written by Christian Hokenson and directed by Mark Newton. The film tells the tale of experimental herbicide testing on the invasive kudzu vine that goes haywire and transforms the citizens of a small Southern town into vicious zombies. Buckets of blood, intestines and gore galore follow in this old school, scrappy and shocking living dead opus.

Though no official release has been announced yet, there will be two sneak-peek screenings for lucky zombie fans in Los Angeles, one on Saturday, June 3 at 9:30pm, which will include a zombie walk which will be judged by Moses J. Moseley, who stars in Kudzu Zombies. He was one of Michonne’s jawless “pet zombies” in The Walking Dead. The second screening is Sunday, June 4 at 7:30pm. For more info on the screenings, including times and location visit the official Facebook page. Tickets can be pre-purchased here. Readers in the LA area interested in attending can get $4 off their Saturday and $6 off their Sunday ticket prices by entering the special code STYD upon checkout.

Synopsis: Kudzu was originally brought to the U.S. as an ornamental plant in the 19th century, but was used planted heavily by southern states for erosion control and as a cheap feed for livestock. The vine turned out to be a real survivor type and began to dominate the American South, choking off the native species of plants and making it tough to farm the land. Enter GloboBioTech, a large agrochemical corporation that has chosen Charleston to test its new herbicide, Quadoxin, that’s been designed to kill the foreign and invasive Kudzu vine (and nothing else) once and for all. Only this year Quadoxin unwittingly enters the human food chain. Creighton’s goats have been feeding on the kudzu and the herbicide metabolizes in their bodies. Once humans consume the goat meat it turns them into zombies — “Kudzu Zombies.” While “healthy eaters” like vegans, vegetarians, and those who didn’t eat the meat pies are untouched by the chemical change, they are now forced to defend themselves against their friends and fellow town citizens who are turning into zombies left and right, eventually becoming a large horde of killer Kudzu Zombies. Will the survivors find a way to safety and be able to alert others to the horror of Kudzu Zombies?

We have an exclusive clip from Kudzu Zombies to share below as well as the berserk official trailer and some juicy photos below that. Dig in!

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