The Walking Dead Episode 715 Recap and Season Finale Previews



The Walking Dead Episode 715 recap and season finale previews

We get off to a slow start. Rick’s crew is heading out to speak to the Oceanside group. Sasha is in the room that was once Daryl’s cell. Maggie is helping teach the Hilltoppers how to garden – while Gregory observes suspiciously. And a yacht has crashed on a beach, spilling out dozens of barnacled walkers.

Let’s start with Sasha. David comes in to check on her. She asks for water; he runs his hand salaciously over her shoulder. “If I give you some water, will you do something for me?” He rips her t-shirt and Sasha seethes. She head butts him, which only spurs David on. “Fighting is just gonna make it last longer.” He starts to unbuckle his pants when Negan, a champion for women’s rights, comes in and puts a stop to the impending rape. Negan points out that rape is against the rules here, and jams a huge knife into his neck. He sends his posse to get Sasha a new t-shirt and unties her. He remembers her and compliments her “beach ball sized lady nuts.” He rambles on for a bit, then puts his knife down in front of her, giving her a few options. She can try to take him out – and fail. She can kill herself. She can wait for Rapey Davey to turn and let him eat her face. Or she can put the knife in his head. He is now a man short, and wants Sasha to help him run the place. He leaves her to think it over.

Eugene comes to see Sasha, bringing with him a cup of water, a blanket, and a pillow. Eugene tells her that the Saviors are keeping him safe and suggests she take Negan up on his offer. He did it because he thought he could be brave, but he can’t. Sasha tells him to go. David is waking up, and he looks hungry.

When Negan comes back, David has been knifed, and Sasha is standing. “You win,” she tells him. Negan is overjoyed. “Nah, you win!” He sends his men to clean up the David mess and get her some more creature comforts. Negan takes back his knife and explains that she has to earn his trust in order to keep the knife. However, surrendering to him is a good start. He hears that Rick and his people are up to no good and wants Sasha to help him change that, make it a “win-win” for all involved – but mostly for Negan.

The Walking Dead Episode 715 Recap and Season Finale Previews

Eugene comes back to Sasha, but speaks to her through the door. She was wrong in surrendering to Negan. She had been prepared to die if she didn’t kill Negan, and now realizes she made the wrong choice. She doesn’t want Negan to use her against their friends, and wants to die. Sasha begs Eugene for a knife, a gun, a piece of glass, anything to end her life. She begs him. Eugene promises to consider it. We finally see Sasha, and she has an evil look on her face, even as she thanks him in a sweet, sad voice. Eugene returns a while later, and he decided to grant her request. He slips something under the door, and Sasha almost starts to cry when she sees it: a poison pill. That won’t help her kill Negan.

Maggie has gone outside the Hilltop walls to dig up a young blueberry plant, in order to replant it in the Hilltop. Gregory approaches, wanting to talk to her and worried that she came out here alone. He doesn’t know why Maggie is still there; after all, the doctor is gone. Gregory wants them to present a united front to the Hilltoppers, who Gregory has started to notice seem to be more devoted to Maggie than to him. Maggie wishes they were actually united, and Gregory apologizes. She appreciates that, and tells him it is never too late to change. She asks Gregory to keep watch while she carefully uproots the blueberry plant. He is happy to… but has a knife at his hip. As he waivers closer, a walker stumbles out of the woods. Glad for the distraction, Gregory volunteers to kill it, saying that he is here to protect the pregnant lady. He charges in, but gets grossed out and Maggie steps in to save the day. Another walker grabs Gregory from behind, and Maggie saves him from that one, too. Gregory vomits. A group of Hilltoppers stroll by, and Maggie explains that he hasn’t killed one before, but he’s learning. “That’s not what he told us,” the Hilltopper says.

Later, Gregory goes to his office, checks on a map of Virginia, and calls to Kal. He needs him to take him somewhere. Pack a bag.

Over at Oceanside, Tara is waiting for Natania in her house. She holds Natania at gunpoint and makes her sit. Cyndie comes in and gets the same treatment. Tara explains that her friends are going to come in and take their guns in order to go to war against the Saviors. They don’t want there to be any bloodshed. “We have other communities; with you, we could have an army,” Tara implores. All Natania has to do is talk to Rick, and she can signal for the siege to stop. Cyndie suggests they talk to Rick, but Natania refuses. Tara checks her watch. Time is up.


An explosion goes off around the camp. Oceansiders run. Those who aren’t corralled together are brought to the group in ropes. Tara, still with Natania and Cyndie, assures them the explosions were outside the camp, and she hopes everyone is ok. The ladies knock Tara to the ground, and without being prompted, she hands over her gun. It’s empty. “We didn’t come here to hurt people,” Tara insists.

Outside, Rick assures everyone that no one needs to get hurt. Natania comes out with Tara at gunpoint. Rick demands she let Tara go. If she shoots Tara, Rick shoots Natania. Cyndie announces to the group that they want them to fight the Saviors. Tara insists they will win, with their guns, with or without them. Natania is still traumatized by the siege the Saviors put them through, and she knows she will die. She doesn’t get to finish that thought. Michonne, up in the trees, warns of walkers coming. Differences aside, the Oceansiders and the Alexandrians team up to kill the barnacled walkers who have made land. They work well together, and after the brief siege is over, Rick shakes hands with Beatrice. Natania still is not swayed. She is not working with them, but tells them to take the guns and leave.

Rick’s people gather the weapons while the women look on. Tara promises they will bring their guns back when they are done. Cyndie wants to go with them, as do some of the other women, but it is all or nothing. She thanks Tara for what they are doing.

The crew returns to Alexandria and are met at the gate by Rosita. She dodges questions about Sasha by telling them there is someone here to see them. She leads them to the prison cell, where Dwight is locked up. Daryl immediately tries to kill him; Rick holds him back. Rosita informs them that Dwight wants to help them. Dwight confirms. Rick says okay, puts his gun to Dwight’s head, and tells him to get on his knees.

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