Exclusive Underworld: Blood Wars ‘Sound of Your Scream’ Song Premiere

We recently reviewed composer Michael Wandmacher’s score for the upcoming Screen Gems horror/fantasy sequel Underworld: Blood Wars and our response was mixed. Any criticisms we had were certainly not directed towards the artist and certainly the soundtrack boasts some rich, emotional and evocative passages, but by and large, it suffers for being shackled to the film itself, unable to fully break free of the Underworld franchise expectations and aural requirements.

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Today, in anticipation of Underworld: Blood Wars‘ theatrical release (our review is coming later this afternoon) Lakeshore Records has given us an exclusive listen to that film’s lead-off single, a dark, pulsing, electronic industrial rock song called “Sound of Your Scream.” The track is written and performed by Melissa Reese (the keyboardist for the current incarnation of Guns ‘n’ Roses) and Bryan “Brain” Mantia also known collectively as Brain and Melissa. The synth-based track effectively fleshes out the icy tension of the latest installment of the blockbuster vampire vs. Lycan franchise that once more pits the impossibly awesome Kate Beckinsale against both monstrous species…

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Have a listen to the rather baddass track below and tell us your thoughts!


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