PlayStation Plus Essential December 2022 Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus Essential December 2022 Lineup Revealed

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus Essential December 2022 lineup just a few days before the three titles go live. These games include Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout. These games will be available from December 6 to January 2.

The first and arguably biggest of the three is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This bundle includes upgraded versions of the first three games with some added features that make it more than a simple remaster. These improvements include a Photo Mode, better lighting and textures, HDR support, faster load times, and improved combat in the first Mass Effect. It comes with almost all of the series’ DLC outside the first game’s Pinnacle Station expansion, which has been lost.

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And while there is no native PS5 port, those on the newer console will be able to run the game in two different modes: one that prioritizes resolution over frame rate and vice versa. Its Favor Framerate mode runs at 1440p and targets 60 frames per second while the Favor Quality setting runs at 4K and targets 60 frames per second.

Biomutant is the second game and has a PS4 and PS5 version. This open-world game divided players and currently sits at an average score of 67 and was derided for its repetitive structure and mission design. The native PS5 is fairly new and came out in September 2022 well over a year after the PS4 port. It brings HDR, 4K resolution, faster loading times, and support for 60 frames per second.

Divine Knockout is the final game will be on both PS4 and PS5. This 3D platforming fighter with Smash Bros.-esque knockout mechanics is launching on the same day on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and will even support cross-platform play. The version on PlayStation Plus is also the Founder’s Edition, which includes “bonus content” and a Divine Knockout skin in the MOBA Smite.

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As usual, the list (as reported on by Video Games Chronicle) leaked on Dealabs through user billbil-kun. Sony has yet to announce the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium lineups for December, though. The company says it will reveal that lineup later this month, but, as is always the case, Sony means December, not November.


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