Marvel's Avengers Animated Short Lays Out Winter Soldier's Backstory

Marvel’s Avengers Animatic Lays Out Winter Soldier’s Backstory

Crystal Dynamics recently announced that The Winter Soldier would be coming to Marvel’s Avengers next week. And now the team has released an animatic of the hero explaining his backstory specific to this game.

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Titled “Years Lost, Future Found,” this short goes through Bucky Barnes’ transformation, his guilt, the manipulation he faced, his romance with Black Widow, and more, all of which lead him to the events in the game. Scott Porter, who was also played Heimdall in God of War Ragnarök, narrates the video and is reprising the role, as he voiced the character in Lego Marvel’s Avengers.

Other Marvel’s Avengers characters have gotten this treatment and was most recently seen for Mighty Thor who joined the roster in July and Spider-Man in November 2021.

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Midnight Suns, Firaxis Games’ upcoming tactical RPG, has also been getting its share of prequel shorts, as episodes regarding Magik, Ghost Rider, and the antagonist Lilith have all come out thus far.


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