Silent Hill 2 Remake Officially Announced From Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 Remake Officially Announced From Bloober Team

After many months of reports, hints, and speculation, Konami has finally officially announced the Silent Hill 2 remake. Bloober Team, the studio behind The Medium and Layers of Fear, is developing said title. It is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC sometime in the future and will be a PS5 console exclusive for 12 months.

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Konami revealed the remake on its Silent Hill stream, which it seemingly posted in full on accident instead of streaming out in real time. The video shows protagonist James Sunderland in a bathroom looking into a mirror, emulating the iconic moment from the 2001 original. It then goes through other scenes from the game, showing off the massively improved visuals. There’s also some glimpses at its combat as well as its rendition of Pyramid Head.

After teasing their involvement, famed artist Masahiro Ito and series composer Akira Yamaoka will also be part of this remake. As noted on the PlayStation Blog, this remake will feature an over-the-shoulder camera, upgraded combat, and few rebuilt set pieces. It will also run on Unreal Engine 5 and take advantage of its Lumen and Nanite features, which help make for better and more realistic lighting and textures, respectively.

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It had been awfully clear that Bloober was making something in the Silent Hill universe. President of the Bloober Team Piotr Babieno told in a February 2021 interview that the team had been working on a horror IP for over a year with “a very famous gaming publisher” that will make fans “excited.” Konami and Bloober then announced a partnership in June 2021, which further fueled speculation that it was developing a Silent Hill title. Those claims got more specific as more reports came out in May 2022, which stated that the Polish developer was making a Silent Hill 2 remake.


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