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Silent Hill Announcement Coming Later This Week

Silent Hill rumors have been prevalent for many years, with tons of different reports claiming that all sorts of new entries and remakes were in the works. Konami didn’t back any of that up officially, but it seems like it is about to welcome everyone back into that foggy, cursed town, as the company announced that it will have an update for the Silent Hill series on October 19 at 2 p.m. PT.

The tweet came with a link to a website, but the site just currently has the series’ title and the date of the transmission on it. Given how Konami has only pretty much unveiled different Silent Hill merchandise and crossovers as of late, this kind of hype-building announcement implies that it is an actual game reveal of some kind.

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However, it’s not clear what kind of game (or games) it might show to the world since there are reportedly many different threads. Silent Hill: The Short Message was recently rated in South Korea, and its title implies that it could be some P.T.-style teaser, but that, obviously, has yet to be confirmed.

There have also been multiple reports stating that Bloober Team is remaking Silent Hill 2. President of the Bloober Team Piotr Babieno told in February 2021 that the studio just had been working on a horror IP for over a year at that point with “a very famous gaming publisher” that will make fans “excited.” Konami and Bloober then announced a partnership in June 2021, further adding fuel to that fire.

A Video Games Chronicle report from October 2021 also claimed that Konami was reviving Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill and that multiple Silent Hill games were in development. A few insiders corroborated similar stories in May 2022 and said that Bloober Team was remaking Silent Hill 2 and that new mainline and side stories were also in the works.

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Insider Dusk Golem leaked some Silent Hill images in May 2022 around the time of the last report. Those images were copyright claimed, which had “never happened before,” according to Dusk Golem. The pictures were of a messy house covered in notes with hurtful messages scrawled over them. One had a close-up of a woman’s face with “I hate myself” on her forehead. A portion of the notes had some British slang on them, which seems to imply that the game will have some British influence.

Video Games Chronicle noted that the images were from a project called Sakura, which is allegedly a preview that’s meant to “build anticipation for the larger projects.” A Short Message also implies that it would be a preview title, meaning these games could be one in the same.

It’s also possible that some Silent Hill veterans also might be involved in some of these games. Famed Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito quote tweeted the announcement and series composer Akira Yamaoka said in February 2021 that his next project was “the one you’ve been hoping to hear about.”


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