E3 2023 Dates Announced, Will Include Separate Industry and Public Days

E3 2023 Dates Announced, Will Include Industry and Public Days

E3’s physical presence hasn’t been felt since 2019 and its online presence was totally absent in 2022. And while its return in 2023 was already announced, Reedpop revealed the exact days the event will take place on, even noting that it will hold special days for industry people and the general public. Its “Business Days” will run from June 13 to June 15 while its “Gamer Days” will just be June 15 and June 16.

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Business Days will see members of the media, content creators, and industry personnel network with each other. Media members will also be able to go hands-on with games from the show in industry-only halls. Gamer Days (which will be in a different hall than the industry area) seem to be more in line with past E3 events, as they will also have demo kiosks and the ability to see and connect with certain developers, content creators, and more. There will also be a theater of “content” that will run deep dives on upcoming games. E3 will also “support and uplift” digital events held by other publishers, but it wasn’t revealed what companies that would entail.

If it all goes to plan, this will be the first year E3 and Summer Game Fest go head to head in a physical space. Geoff Keighley’s summer event has stepped up and been the place for big reveals over the past few years. He announced at the end of this digital year’s show that Summer Game Fest would have “in-person events” for the first time in 2023. 2022’s show had some media-only events and the ability to watch the stream in an IMAX theater, but it’s possible 2023’s show would be more ambitious.

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However, while it is confirmed for June 2023, Keighley hasn’t announced an exact date, meaning it technically could be some other time during the month. It’s also possible that the scale of the two shows will differ. Regardless, E3 is going to have some competition in some form in the real-world arena during its comeback.


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