The Last of Us HBO Teaser Trailer Drops on The Last of Us Day

The Last of Us HBO Teaser Trailer Drops on The Last of Us Day

The Last of Us Day, formerly known as Outbreak Day (which was changed in 2020 for obvious reasons), is one day of the year where Naughty Dog celebrates the acclaimed apocalyptic franchise. This made for a fitting time for HBO to drop a new trailer for the upcoming HBO Max series, as evidenced by the newest official teaser.

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The teaser runs through about 90 seconds of footage, going through a few noteworthy scenes from the game and its Ellie-focused expansion, Left Behind. Joel, Ellie, Bill, Tess, Marlene, Riley, and more can be seen in the video. The trailer also reaffirms its vague 2023 release window, but is not more specific.

Naughty Dog is celebrating The Last of Us Day in other ways, too, as explained on its website. The team’s animators have once again dropped a few new GIFs for people to use online, which can be seen on Giphy. These new GIFs pay homage to scenes from Alien 3, The Shining, Always Be My Maybe, and more. The developer also released a black and white version of the recent remake’s key art and will be posting a collection of fan-made Photo Mode shots later in the day.

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