Marvel’s Midnight Suns Teaser Trailer Previews The Hunter

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Teaser Trailer Previews The Hunter

While all of Midnight Suns‘ teasers have focused on established heroes like Wolverine and Spider-Man, this latest one is about the player-made character named The Hunter. This video briefly looks at some of their abilities, but also contains a small preview of the character customization suite.

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The shots of the customization options are very quick, but it lets players choose their gender, face, facial hair, hair color, eye color, skin tone, and hairstyle. There are also many outfits to choose from that are split into two different types: one for the hideout called the Abbey and one for combat.

Given that it’s the player character, it seems as though users will be able to shape what kind of class they will want to be. The teaser’s description notes that they are “yours to shape as you see fit for the battles ahead,” which explains why the trailer didn’t seem to imply any sort of particular moves. It did have Charlie, though, the player’s domesticated demon dog who was the star of a Yule log video the team released back in December 2021. More information about The Hunter’s potential combat abilities will likely come soon as a part of an inevitable upcoming hero showcase.

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The Hunter is the child of Lilith, the game’s main antagonist who was brought back from the dead by Hydra. The Marvel heroes have also resurrected The Hunter to take down Lilith once again.


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