Gotham Knights Video Reveals 28 New Skins

Gotham Knights Video Reveals 28 New Skins

After revealing an unbroken look at the game’s first big mission, WB Games Montréal has offered another peek at the action RPG that focuses more of that RPG half. The studio released footage of 28 of the game’s unlockable skins, many of which reference comics of the past.

IGN once again had the exclusive as apart of its IGN First focused on the game. The video includes insight from the developers on what the inspirations were and how they will work in the game. Players will be able to earn these suit styles and change five elements of them: the boots, cowl, logo, gauntlets, and colorways (which are sets of developer-selected colors that range from dark to vivid palettes).

However, players can’t openly swap pieces between each suit because, as Creative Director Patrick Redding explained, the team wants a “degree of clarity and unity” to each look. Game Director Geoff Ellenor was a little more blunt, stating that they wanted to make sure that players “always looked cool” and wouldn’t end up with a “Red Hood that looks kind of sketchy” because of “bad fashion choices.” The game will support transmog, though, which will mean players can apply the look of one set of gear with the stats of another.

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There will be 11 different suit styles in Gotham Knights at launch, resulting in 44 skins spread evenly across the four heroes. The video in question showcases seven of them:

  • Shinobi
  • Eternal
  • Beyond
  • Neon Noir
  • Knight Ops
  • Year One
  • KnightWatch

WB Games Montréal also explained the unique process in which it developed these skins. The studio scoured the web to find fitting artists, which also meant they were able to get designs in more quickly and incorporate a big range of artistic styles.

“We knew we wanted to create this wide range of suit styles with a lot of distinct looks, so I think we took an approach that was pretty unique to this project,” said Art Director Jay Evans. “We started with our internal team but we also searched for a bunch of artists that would have styles that kind of synced up with what we were looking for. We basically looked on the internet, various websites, various people’s portfolios, various social medias, and then we ended up having artists from Germany, France, Korea, Japan, U.S., all contributing to generating ideas for these suit styles.”

The developer gave artists freedom to add their own styles in order to get “awesome results.” DC itself also had feedback, but according to WB Games Montréal, it wasn’t restrictive and allowed for all sorts of experimentation. The artists also often used the benchmark of “Would I want this as a collectible on my desk?” in order to find the best sketches. Legendary artist Jim Lee even designed one of the suit sets, one that calls back to the basic look of the characters.

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The game’s 13-minute demo from May showed some of its skins when it delved into its stats and gear systems.


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