Mass Effect’s Casey Hudson Details His New Sci-Fi Venture

The man who led BioWare throughout the development of the Mass Effect trilogy is heading up a new studio and planning an expedition to a brand-new universe. Casey Hudson and his team at Humanoid Studios have been hard at work developing an “all-new science-fiction universe” since the group’s establishment in December 2020. Now, the outside world can get a brief glimpse into their work via a collection of concept art posted on the team’s newly updated official website.

Casey Hudson Humanoid Studios Concept Art 1a

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Not much is known about Hudson’s new game outside of its status as a multiplatform AAA experience that focuses on character and interactive narrative in much the same way that Mass Effect did. It will also connect “talented creatives to powerful tools, in a safe and supportive environment,” the former part of which is a bit vague this early in development. In addition to his work on the now-legendary trilogy, Hudson greenlit the recent Legendary Edition rerelease of Mass Effect and worked on the very beginnings of the next game in the series before leaving his past role in 2020.

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News about Mass Effect has been on the upswing as of late, with the franchise recovering from the poorly received Andromeda with news of a new game and cross-media opportunities. However, after its announcement, BioWare has been just as quiet about its next sci-fi adventure, which isn’t expected to hit until after the next installment in the Dragon Age series. While it’s unclear if the two sci-fi epics will have a standoff on store shelves, fans of the franchise should be flush with new worlds to explore in the not too distant future.


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