Final Fantasy-Themed Racing Game Chocobo GP’s First Season Detailed

Square Enix announced that pre-orders are officially live for the upcoming Final Fantasy-inspired kart racing game Chocobo GP ahead of its release on March 10, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Alongside the news of pre-orders going up, Square Enix also showcased the first season of the game, with each season of Chocobo GP lasting “roughly two months” and featuring various prizes and rewards players can claim.

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The seasons will also come with their own, optional Prize Pass, which will grant players access to even more rewards, as well as the ability to earn in-game resources to buy other rewards in the game’s Gil Shop. Fans looking to pick up the game can also take part in a limited-time celebration, as Square Enix is giving players 800 mythril (the equivalent to a Prize Pass) when they login to the game, in order to allow players to obtain Cloud Strife as a playable racer from the Prize Pass. The Final Fantasy VIII fan-favorite character Squall Leonhart will also be added into the game’s Gil Shop upon release. Currently, Square Enix has not set an official end date for the login bonus campaign.

Two versions of the upcoming racing title will be available at launch, with Chocobo GP Lite acting as a free version of the game coming out on the same day. Chocobo GP Lite will allow players the chance to try out both single and multiplayer modes in the game for no charge, as well as join local multiplayer races hosted by people who own the full game. Players can upgrade whenever they want and keep their progress. However, the Lite version won’t have as many characters and those who have it also can’t create lobbies or participate in online races outside of the Chocobo GP mode.

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The game, which acts as a sequel to the 1999 PlayStation game Chocobo Racing, marks the end of a long wait for fans hoping for a follow-up. After a sequel to the original was announced in 2010, the game was quietly canceled in 2013 following a rough development cycle.


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