Final Fantasy-themed Racing Game Chocobo GP Gets Release Date

Final Fantasy-Themed Racing Game Chocobo GP Gets Release Date

Square Enix’s kart racing game Chocobo GP is set to release on Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022, the publisher announced on Tuesday.

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In addition to a solo campaign that unlocks characters and courses, the racing game will have a variety of other modes. These include a tournament-like Series Race with four tracks in a row, time attack, custom races that let users choose their own challenges, and a Chocobo GP mode that is a 64-player online tournament.

Alongside the announcement of Chocobo GP, Square Enix has also announced that Chocobo GP Lite, a free version of the game, would be coming out on the same day. Chocobo GP Lite will allow players the chance to try out both single and multiplayer modes in the game for free, as well as join local multiplayer races hosted by people who own the full game. Players can upgrade whenever they want and keep their progress. Also, the Lite users won’t have access to as many characters and also can’t create lobbies or participate in online races outside of the Chocobo GP mode.

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The game, which acts as a sequel to the 1999 PlayStation game Chocobo Racing, marks the end of a long wait for fans hoping for new information. After a sequel to the original was announced in 2010, the game was quietly canceled in 2013 following a rough development cycle.


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