Life is Strange Remastered Collection Shows More Direct Comparisons

Life is Strange Remastered Collection Gameplay Footage Shows Major Upgrades

Deck Nine Games briefly showed Life is Strange Remastered Collection in 2021, but delayed the bundle so the team could focus more on Life is Strange: True Colors. And now since that title has been out for a few months, the team can now properly show off that pair of remasters just before it comes out on February 1. The newest gameplay footage details some of the changes, which include more than a simple resolution and frame rate bump.

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Life is Strange Remastered Collection has a long list of enhancements for both the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It now runs in Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unreal Engine 3 and Unity, respectively, with a “rebuilt lighting pipeline.” Character also have “4K-ready” models with more bones and a higher polycount, which means that they move more fluidly and look better. This extends to the stronger facial animation, improved lip-syncing, more natural hair physics, and “updated tears” and “injuries.” Some background materials have also been changed. Deck Nine has also singled two characters — Nathan and Chloe — and said that they had stronger “facial expressions and eyelines.”

The comparison shots and the gameplay footage below show some of these changes in action.

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The collection has many changes, which speaks to the rudimentary technology behind the original titles and how far technology has advanced since. The remasters will be on more modern hardware, but not the most modern ones as there are no native PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions. Deck Nine has not stated if these systems will run even better for those playing on current-gen hardware.


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