Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Interviews Lance Reddick, Carrie-Anne Moss

Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Interviews Lance Reddick, Carrie-Anne Moss

Guerrilla Games just released a story trailer for Horizon Forbidden West and also revealed some of the star power behind the game’s characters. And now the studio has followed up with another trailer that talks to some of the members of the cast, including Ashly Burch, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lance Reddick, and more.

The video kicks off with Burch, known for Mythic Quest and the Borderlands series, speaking about returning to the role and how she feels more in rhythm with Aloy as a character this second time around. Aloy has grown after the first game and it is a “balancing act” for Burch as she has to make her feel familiar but also new at the same time. She also briefly described her relationship with Sylens, who is a mysterious character.

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Sylens is, of course, played by Lance Reddick, an actor famous for The Wire and John Wick. Reddick also spoke about Sylens and how he loves to play characters that are “super smart and super complex psychologically.” Such roles are a “dream” for him. Coming back to play Sylens meant he had to relearn how Sylens thinks and behaves, but said that process is great since it takes place in a game with a deep world.

Carrie-Anne Moss, who most notably plays Trinity in The Matrix and Aria T’Loak in the Mass Effect games, portrays Tilda, a new character Guerrilla hasn’t spoken much about. Moss describes her as an interesting character and one that gives her a lot of freedom. And even though Moss doesn’t go into too much detail, she did say that she loves to play manipulative people.

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Noshir Dalal, who is new to the series, is playing a new character named Kotallo, whose main goal is to unite his fractured tribe. John MacMillan returns as Varl, who has changed this time around. MacMillan praised the writers for letting Varl grow and evolve. John Hopkins is also coming back to play Erend, who has a bit of a fractured relationship with Aloy this time around, but is still loyal. The video then has cast talking more about working with more people on the stage and the privilege that gives them as actors.


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