Report: Twisted Metal Reboot Finds Its New Studio

Report: Twisted Metal Reboot Finds Its New Studio

The alleged Twisted Metal reboot has already reportedly gone through some big changes and it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. A recent report stated that the game had lost its developer, but now a new report has revealed that it has finally found a team: Firesprite.

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Video Games Chronicle’s newest report points at this Liverpool-based studio taking the reigns from Lucid, the previous developer on the project. It is unknown why Lucid was taken off the project, but one source from the report speculated that Destruction AllStars‘ mediocre reception was a factor (it has an average score of 62). Some staff members have also switched teams as VGC pointed out that Lucid’s Matt Southern has gone to Firesprite. Southern is known for his work in the Motorstorm and WRC racing franchises.

Even though the game is still unconfirmed, it is likely that Sony wants this game to coincide with the upcoming Twisted Metal television show. It’s somewhat similar to the Last of Us HBO series and the also unannounced (but heavily reported) remake of the first game.

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Sony acquired Firesprite back in September 2021 and was recently announced as one of the developers behind Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first revealed game for PlayStation VR2. Firesprite and Sony have had a long relationship as Firesprite developed a few virtual reality titles for Sony’s first VR headset. Those bonds go back even further as Firesprite was made from the remnants of SIE Studio Liverpool, an internal team Sony shut down in 2012.


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